Lawrence Adler

Principal Investigator


Lawrence Adler

Lawrence Adler

Principal Investigator

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Lawrence W. Adler, MD is Director of Geriatric Psychiatry for PAM, LLC and President of Clinical Insights, Inc.

He is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

After earning his medical degree from the University of Maryland School Medicine in Baltimore, Dr. Adler conducted postdoctoral research in biological chemistry, publishing papers on membrane biology and active transport energetics. Dr. Adler served as a resident psychiatrist at Sheppard Pratt Hospital for three years.

Dr. Adler is board-certified in General Psychiatry and in Geriatric Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, and is a Certified Physician Investigator.

As a researcher, Dr. Adler has been an investigator and a co-investigator on over 200 clinical trials sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and many major pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Adler's current research efforts are focused on schizophrenia,;tardive dyskinesia, and Alzheimer's Disease and the epidemiology and neurobiology of suicide.

As an author, Dr. Adler has published papers on all aspects of psychiatry in journals such as the American Journal of Psychiatry, the British Journal of Psychiatry, the American Journal of Medical Genetics, and Archives of General Psychiatry.

Dr. Adler is a member of many societies and associations, including the American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, Society for Neuroscience, Society for Biological Psychiatry, the International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology, the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, the American Psychiatric Association, the Academy of Physicians in Pharmaceutical Research, the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry and the College Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacolique.

He is a Life Fellow of the APA, Fellow of American Society of Addiction Medicine, Fellow of American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Fellow of College Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacolique, and Fellow of Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research.

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