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Katrina Belarmino

Katrina Belarmino

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My journey in the mental health profession has come full circle. My early experiences in mental health were at residential treatment centers for those who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness. I pursued social work wanting to be a therapist, but opportunities shifted after earning my Master of Social Work at Arizona State University. The stops on my way back to my original destination include child welfare, medical social work, and inpatient psychiatric care. I developed an interest in integrated health and compassion fatigue.


These experiences led me to pursue therapy again and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I encourage therapy because it is a unique relationship in which it’s not only acceptable, but required, for one party (in this case the client) to be the sole focus without any expectation for reciprocation. If you’re having trouble navigating your emotions or your behavior because of new phases in your life, come to talk to me. I will listen and I will empathize. Together we will work to utilize your strengths to allow you to adjust the ever-changing world around.

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