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Applied Behavior Analysis

We at Psych associates prioritize your well-being and constantly strive to bring effective therapies to help you live a happy life.

The Center for Advanced Behavioral Care seeks to help clients and their families achieve desired outcomes through a commitment to evidence-based interventions. We believe in developing a partnership between clients, providers, and caregivers to best reach both short and long-term goals. The Center for Advanced Behavioral Care strives to incorporate all levels of support through a multidisciplinary approach.

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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA helps us to understand how behavior works within specific environments. The goal is to increase desired behaviors and reduce undesired ones. Read More

Why ABA Therapy?

Benefits of Treatment

ABA is considered an evidence-based, best practice treatment by the U.S. surgeon general and the APA. Read More

Children with Autism deserve ABA because it builds on their strengths and preferences, helps them learn to make friends, and teaches them to be independent (Walsh, 2011).

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ABA Services Offered

Diagnostic Services

- Autism Diagnostic Services

Behavioral Assessment Services

- Functional Behavior Assessment

- Functional Analysis


Parent Training

- Treatment plans to increase adaptive and academic skills

- Treatment plans to decrease undesired behaviors

- The plan will be developed in conjunction with the parent to meet the needs of the child and the family

Group Social Skill Programing

- Building and sustaining friendships

- Engaging in socially appropriate behaviors

- Ages 3 - 21

- Children and young adults will be grouped according to age and skill levels

- Group size is 3-5 clients

- Group duration: 2-3 hours, 2 - 3 times weekly, 3 months (unless barriers regarding session length and frequency are identified per insurance)


Meet The Providers

Colin Tozer
Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Registered Psychology Associate

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