Why TMS Could be the Answer Depression Sufferers Have Been Waiting For

How a Towson Therapist Uses TMS to Treat Depression

At Psych Associates of Maryland, we understand the toll that depression takes on a person and their loved ones. We’ve worked with countless patients to help them find a path to happiness after feeling like they’ve hit their lowest of lows and know how to create a supportive treatment plan for depression. As the leading Towson Therapist, Psych Associates of Maryland looks to provide mental health resources to people all across Maryland, including medication, talk therapy, and TMS. What exactly is TMS Therapy, and how can TMS help with your depression? The team at Psych Associates of Maryland is here to break it down for you.

What is TMS?

The Depression Treatment Recommended by a Towson Therapist

TMS therapy Maryland

A major problem with depression treatment is that it is far from one size fits all. Depression sufferers often find themselves trying out medication after medication of various doses before finally finding the medication that works for them. This long, stressful process of finding the right medication often feels like a road with no end, especially given the fact that medication upkeep is often necessary for months to years.

TMS, which stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a depression treatment frequently recommended by healthcare providers like a Towson Therapist with technological origins dating back to 1985. TMS uses a magnetic field to stimulate nerve cells in the brain, which improves symptoms of depression. Entirely non-invasive, TMS Therapy is a widely accepted treatment for depression that continues to improve over time.

TMS is an increasingly popular treatment for depression because it takes the guesswork out of finding the right medication and dosage for traditional medication. Additionally, TMS is virtually free of side effects like weight gain, low libido, memory loss, and more than coincide with medications.

How does TMS Work?

TMS Therapy Targets Depression at the Source

TMS Therapy Towson Maryland

The reason TMS Therapy is so effective can be explained through the root causes of depression. Depression can be defined as a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by underactivation of the frontal cortex: the forward-facing portion of the brain responsible for controlling mood and personality. When this part of the brain is underactive, it is not able to properly utilize chemicals—typically serotonin and dopamine—to give you feelings of happiness, motivation, and excitement.

TMS Therapy works by placing an electromagnetic coil on the scalp near the left side of your frontal lobe. This coil repetitively sends painless magnetic fields to the nerve cells in the brain to help stimulate these previously underactive zones in the brain. These fields do not penetrate the entire brain, but rather only reach about 2-3 centimeters into it.

Each treatment lasts about 40 minutes and is repeated for several weeks. TMS Therapy is widely considered an effective treatment for depression by experts, as one in three patients experience full symptom relief after six weeks. So if your depression is not managed by medication, TMS Therapy could be the answer to your battle with depression.

Who Benefits from TMS?

A Leading Towson Therapist Works with a Number of TMS Patients

TMS Depression

TMS Therapy is most commonly used to treat depression, but emerging research suggests that TMS could be a solution for a number of mental health disorders that have source issues in the frontal cortex. Research has shown that TMS is effective for treating substance abuse for short-term periods of time, typically lasting up to four months.

While new research emerges about who can benefit most from TMS, depression treatment with TMS continues to thrive in adults 18 and up. Because TMS by name uses magnets, people with the following conditions are not able to use TMS: 

  • Aneurysm clips or coils
  • Stents in the neck or brain
  • Deep brain stimulators
  • Electrodes to monitor brain activity
  • Metallic implants in your ears and eyes
  • Shrapnel or bullet fragments in or near the head
  • Facial tattoos with metallic or magnetic-sensitive ink
  • Other metal devices or object implanted in or near the head

Psych Associates of Maryland: The Clear Choice for TMS Maryland

Why Psych Associates of Maryland is the Towson Therapist You Need for TMS

Depression TMS Mayland

At Psych Associates of Maryland, we can’t take all the credit. Our cutting-edge TMS technology allows us to provide our patients with the most innovative depression treatment in the healthcare industry, Of those who have used TMS therapy with us, 83% have said their depression has significantly improved and 50% are in full remission of their depression symptoms. Compared to the success rate of medication at 7%, it’s clear that TMS could be the answer for people whose depression is not well managed with medication.

Additionally, the team at Psych Associates of Maryland approached treatment from a holistic standpoint and works hard to provide an open, comfortable environment for each and every patient. As the Towson therapist that truly cares for each patient, we’ll never stop looking for the best treatments for depression and other mental health issues.

Think that TMS could be right for you? Get in touch with Psych Associates of Maryland today to schedule a consultation and begin your road to a happier, healthier life.


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