Using CPT Code 90833 to Improve Medication Management

How Psychiatrists use CPT Code 90833 to Improve Patient Care

Healthcare providers from a general sense do everything they can to ensure the best possible treatment for their patients. At Psych Associates of Maryland, we’re no different, always doing what we can to tackle the needs of our patients as we would care for our own friends and family and going above and beyond the call for care. However, healthcare providers are held to certain limitations by insurance, scheduling, and billing that they must work around to ensure proper care. Psych Associates of Maryland uses CPT code 90833 to ensure the best possible care for our patients. What is this, and how exactly does it improve the care we provide our patients? We’re here to break it down for you.

Medication Management: Mental Health Trial and Error

Working with a Psychiatry Healthcare Provider to Find the Medication for You

psychiatric medication management

A great amount of bravery exists in those who have found the courage to seek help for mental health issues. These people have not only allowed themselves to open up about their greatest insecurities and points of worry but oftentimes submit themselves to a process of trial and error regarding finding the right medication for their issues.

Mental health treatment is different from patient to patient, making it one of the most interesting and elusive ailments people face. Antidepressants, for instance, often lead to different outcomes depending on the patient and his or her brain. This often leads to a process of trying to find the medication that treats a patient’s depression with minimal side effects and helps them reclaim their life.

At Psych Associates of Maryland, we offer medication management as a service because we know that finding the right mental health medication can feel like a long journey. However, some healthcare providers offer medication management as a service without taking the time to assess the patient’s issues as a whole. Psych Associates of Maryland, along with other leading healthcare providers, knows how important it is to treat the WHOLE patient rather than just a small portion of their issues, which is why we utilize CPT Code 90833.

How Does Psych Associates of Maryland Enhance Medication Management Services?

Using CPT Code 90833 to Improve Quality of Care

Medication Managment Maryland

Medication management, much like the medications themselves, is not one size fits all. This means that prescribers - who are often not the same as your therapist - need to do what they can to gain a comprehensive understanding of your mental health issues. For instance, some anti-depressants can help with the cessation of smoking, improving learning disabilities, or are a better choice for women who may be planning to become pregnant. By taking the time to learn about your mental health struggles first-hand during a medication management appointment, your prescriber can make a more informed decision for the right anti-depressant for you.

Doing this makes a medication management appointment look vastly different than before. Gaining a comprehensive look at your mental health during a medication management appointment may include:

  • In-depth conversations about mental health status
  • Tips for coping with certain situations
  • Building a treatment alliance with the patient
  • Discussion about other mental health issues patients may face
  • Having a more in-depth discussion of medication issues

By taking the time to discuss the patient’s mental health issues in-depth, the prescriber is not only able to form a stronger, more open relationship with the patient but is able to make a more informed decision when choosing a medication that the patient could benefit from most. 

At Psych Associates of Maryland, this type of treatment typically turns a standard 15-minute appointment into an approximately 30-minute appointment, giving your provider the ability to take the time to ensure they are prescribing the right prescription for you and hearing you out regarding issues you may be facing. We don’t do this because we have to, but because it’s the best way to ensure our patients are receiving the top-notch care that they deserve.

However, providers taking this extra time with patients encounter one main issue: how does this comprehensive care look from a billing and insurance standpoint?

Psych Associates of Maryland does so using CPT Code 90833 is an add-on code that allows mental health providers to work around this issue. Able to be utilized by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants (or those who can prescribe medication), Code 90833 allows prescribers to take 16-37 minutes to talk to their patients about their mental health issues themselves.

You may be wondering; “How does a code alone allow mental healthcare providers to give me better care?” As mentioned, healthcare providers are often dedicated to helping patients to the best of their abilities. Otherwise, they would not be in this line of work.  Limitations are often placed on providers, making it difficult to treat patients from a holistic standpoint. This additional time and effort, while seemingly small, make massive differences in the quality of medication management services.

There are a number of reasons mental health offices are using CPT Code 90833. On top of increasing the quality of care, Code 90833 increases patient satisfaction by making the patient feel valued and important. Rather than rushing patients out the door, patients have the opportunity to express concerns and ask questions, leading to an overall more successful treatment regimen over time. Code 90833 isn’t just about giving patients medication; it’s about care, listening, and taking the time to approach mental health from a holistic standpoint.

Think it’s time to experience medication management with a provider that puts your care first? Get in touch with Psych Associates of Maryland today to begin your journey back to a healthy, happy life.


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