Is Anger Management Right for Me?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to Anger Management in Baltimore

Being human is simultaneously the greatest blessing and curse many of us will encounter in our lifetime. As humans, we are capable of a huge range of complex emotions; the same emotions that bring us utter joy and love are the same that bring us stress, sadness, and anger. We find ourselves in a dilemma in which we cannot experience the good without the bad, leading many of us to struggle with managing anger throughout life. At Psych Associates of Maryland - leaders in anger management in Baltimore - we know the toll that the inability to control you anger can take on you and the people around you, which is why we’re here to help you decide whether or not anger management could be right for you.

Do I Understand the Basis of My Anger?

How Anger Management in Baltimore Can Help You Find Answers

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For some, it;’s difficult to recognize that they have an anger management problem. For those who do realize their anger management issues, it can be extremely difficult to manage this anger because there is something deeper than causes their anger than the stimuli itself. Asking yourself what in yourself could be causing outbursts is one of the biggest questions tackled in anger management. Some of these internal dilemmas include:

  • Embarrassment: Is the stimuli making me feel embarrassed, so I use my anger as a defense mechanism?
  • Shame: Am I ashamed of my actions, and I deal with it through anger?
  • Hurt: Did someone hurt my feelings and I feel the need to bully it away?
  • Vulnerability: Am I afraid of seeming weak, so I must instill a sense of strength in myself through an angry outburst?
  • Anxiety: Is the stimuli making me anxious or uncomfortable, causing me to channel my discomfort through anger?

However, these complex emotions aren’t the only basis for anger. Some people have trouble dealing with anger because it is a learned behavior. For instance, growing up with a father who yelled a lot can send signals to children and young adults that represent an appropriate way of dealing with anger. Additionally, trouble dealing with anger could be a signal of underlying health issues like depression, trauma, and chronic stress, all of which alter the way we manage complex emotions and stimuli themselves.

While these factors are just a few sources of anger issues, anger management classes can help you understand where your anger comes from. By understanding the source of your issue, you can then take steps to better manage your actions and outbursts.

How Can Anger Management Change My Life?

Anger Management in Baltimore Can Help You Feel Better and Succeed

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For many people to be open to anger management, it’s important for them to see an end goal: a better outcome that exists as a result of improved anger management skills. While the way anger issues manifest in each person differs greatly, having better anger management skills due to classes in anger management in Baltimore can help you see improvements in a variety of facets in life.

For instance, people with anger management issues often find themselves in trouble with the law due to harassment or simple assault charges. Finding better avenues for managing anger can help people avoid legal issues. Additionally, anger management can help you become a better employee who thrives professionally due to an improved ability to take constructive criticism and work in groups.

More than all else, taking anger management helps preserve your mental and physical health. By finding healthier ways to channel your anger, you can lower your blood pressure, decrease the effects that stress has on your body, and feel stronger and healthier as a whole. As a result, you’ll also experience stronger, healthier relationships with those you love most. Stronger anger management skills is known to improve romantic and familial relationships greatly because the people you love most are often the ones most likely to fall victim to angry outbursts. With anger management in baltimore, you can change these facets of your life and get your life back on track.

What Will Anger Management in Baltimore Look Like for Me?

Understanding What Classes or Treatment will be Like is Key to Committing to the Life-Changing Benefits of Anger Management

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We understand that the fear of the unknown can be a source of anxiety for some, which is why many people avoid anger management in the first place. That’s why Psych Associates of Maryland want to be clear about what you can expect in anger management.

Anger management usually comes in the form of individual or group therapy which last on average 1-2 hours, respectively, per session. During these sessions, your practitioner will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your own anger issues. From there, you’ll work to identify what triggers your anger and how that related to the basis of your anger issues. Sometimes this can be an emotional process because it involves a greater understanding into the complex emotions that you have trouble facing. Rest assured that your practitioner and - if you opt for group counseling - cohorts understand the struggles you are facing and are there to accomplish a similar, equally-difficult goal.

Once your triggers are identified, your will work to develop skills that help you manage your anger. Whether these skills involve breathing exercises, engaging your senses, a logical train of thought, or activities that allow you to express your emotions in healthy ways, you’ll develop a skill set that can improve your relationship with others and yourself.

While attending anger management in Baltimore can be difficult, it is undoubtedly worth it due to the improved lifestyle you can lead after finishing anger management. Learn more about anger management in Baltimore, Columbia, and Towson today by contacting Psych Associates of Maryland - the experts in anger management who can help you get your life back on track.


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