5 Misconceptions About Family Therapy

Understanding the Difference Family Therapy Maryland Can Make in Your Life

Some of the most important relationships you will ever form are those with members of your family. As the basis of support, love, and protection for many people, retaining healthy familial relationships is vital to the everyday lives of people across the globe. However, family relationships can be a source of stress for a variety of reasons. At Psych Associates of Maryland, we’re dedicated to helping people find solutions to points of stress within themselves and their environments, which is why we’re here to break down some of the biggest misconceptions about family therapy. As a great resource for families facing difficult setbacks, family therapy Maryland could be the key to a healthy family dynamic for years to come.

Myth: Normal Families Don’t Need Family Therapy

Family Therapy Maryland is a Frequently-Used Resource Among Many Families

Family Therapy Maryland
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One of the greatest reasons that people don’t seek family therapy is because of the social stigma behind therapy. Many people are concerned that family therapy is not something that a ‘normal’ family takes part in, or that the issues that the family faces are not severe enough to use family counseling. The truth of the matter is that families seek family therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Loss of a family member
  • Financial hardship
  • A child’s acting-out in school
  • Shifts in the family dynamic
  • Communication issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Family trauma

Due to the nature of the contents of that list, it’s clear that family therapy is a resource that can be used by almost all families. Statistics reflect this, too; since 1970, the number of marriage and family therapists has increased 50-fold. At any given time, these therapists are treating nearly 2 million people and helping them find solutions to everyday familial issues.

Myth: Family Therapy Takes a Long Time

Think You’re too Busy for Family Therapy Maryland? Think Again.

Soccer practice family
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We get it. As a family, you are consistently balancing a variety of responsibilities. From attending work and school functions, to maintaining extended family obligations, to ensuring the kids are in bed on time every night, you have a lot on your hands. Many people think that family therapy takes a lot of time out of their schedule and will last for months to years. However, family therapy is considered a type of short-term therapy and typically lasts only about 12 sessions. During these sessions, your family will work with a therapist to identify sources of tension within the household and resolve them with new skillsets to reduce stress in the household.

While we acknowledge that these weekly 50-minute sessions do take time out of a busy schedule, it’s important to realize that this time is a small price to pay for long-term harmony in the household. Using this time to develop skills that ensure lasting stress relief in the household will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

Myth: Family Therapy Maryland Will Increase Tension in My Home

Could Family Therapy Hurt My Family More than Help It?

couple angry bed
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Many times people are worried that family therapy will do more harm than good. After all, family therapy does require families to open up about their greatest frustrations, be vulnerable, and confront one another in a healthier, more direct fashion. Some families acknowledge that developing these skills is a difficult transition, which proves that resources like family therapy are vital for some families.

While tough subjects are covered in family therapy, it’s important to remember the basis from which many families attend family therapy in the first place: out of love and respect for one another. With these principles as the foundation, your therapist will help you develop skills for streamlined, respectful communication that actually lower the amount of tension in the home. By working carefully on the communication tactics and power dynamics in a home over time, your home will become a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

Myth: Family Therapy is all About Blaming Parents for Children’s Problems

Many Parents Worry that Family Therapy is an Attack on their Tactics

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As mentioned, a major reason why families attend family therapy is that their children are struggling or misbehaving in school. A major misconception is that family therapy looks to put the blame on parents for their child’s issues, which can be uncomfortable and feel like a direct attack. However, family counselors use a tactic called ‘joining’ that requires them to respect and listen to each family member. This allows the therapist to work with the parents as a team to provide solutions for their children and family.

Myth: The Entire Family Must Attend Family Counseling Maryland

Some family Therapy Efforts Can be Spearheaded by Single Members

Woman Therapy
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A major misconception about family counseling is that the entire family must be in the room. People believe that a family sit on a couch and issues are fleshed out in a controlled setting. However, about half of family therapy sessions occur one-on-one so that individuals can have a more candid and open dialogue with the therapist. Additionally, some families seek family therapy due to the loss of a loved one, because a loved one deals with substance abuse, or due to challenges that arise from a family member not deemed competent enough to attend therapy. Counseling can still occur in a safe, non-judgmental way without these family members.

Think that family counseling Maryland could benefit your family? Get in touch with Psych Associates of Maryland to see how we can half reduce stress in your household.


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