5 Ideas for Prioritizing Mental Health & Self Care in 2020

Tips from a Baltimore Therapist for Living a Happy & Healthy New Year

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘new year, new me’ before, often riddled with promises of drastic weight loss, wealth, and lofty professional goals. As we enter a new year and a new decade, we all likely have a bit of hope to improve ourselves, but we also know that new year’s resolutions can be hard to stick to. At Psych Associates of Maryland, we’re here to support you as you improve yourself in the new year, however, we want to help you do so in a healthy way. That’s why a Baltimore therapist is here to break down five ideas to prioritizing mental health and self-care in 2020, all of which are selected to improve your mental and physical health over time. Check them out!

Ditch Depression Once and For All

Working with a Baltimore Therapist and Using TMS Therapy in 2020

TMS Depression Therapy Baltimore

Saying goodbye to your battle with depression may sound impossible. After months to years of suffering, medication, and therapy, you may feel like depression has taken over your life and is something you will undoubtedly take with you into the new year. As a leading Baltimore therapist, we understand this struggle. Depression treatment is far from one size fits all, making it difficult to find the proper combination of therapy and medication to improve your symptoms.

For long-time sufferers, though, TMS Therapy could be the option in 2020 that could get rid of your depression once and for all. Using painless magnetic signals to reactivate the underactivated portions of the brain that cause depression, TMS therapy provides relief or completely ends depression symptoms for many long-term sufferers. 

TMS therapy involves a short term commitment of about 6 weeks’ time in which you are receiving treatment about 5 times a week. While this can seem like a big undertaking, TMS therapy could finally be the solution for your depression, allowing you to live a happy and healthy 2020 and beyond.

Visit a Baltimore Therapist

Reaping the Benefits of Therapy Even Without a Diagnosis

Baltimore Therapist Session

As more and more people visit a Baltimore therapist and other mental healthcare practitioners, it’s clear that people feel more empowered than ever to discuss their mental health. In the new decade, we hope to see even more progress involving the liberation of mental health. This means that finally deciding to visit a therapist is a great choice for helping you prioritize self-care in the new year.

Therapy isn’t just for people with a DSM diagnosis. Therapy provides you with an outside, unbiased ear for listening to your biggest struggles in life, allowing you to work through your day-to-day struggles healthily. Whether you’re dealing with relationship struggles, stress from work, or are concerned about buried childhood trauma, therapy can help you develop the skills for coping with your issues. In turn, you’ll feel more in touch with your mental health and can make the most out of your relationships with other people.

Get on a Schedule

A Baltimore Therapist Recommends Prioritizing Your Self Care

Recommended Mental Health Professionals Baltimore

The term ‘self-care’ is often thrown around on social media to justify taking a bath, putting on a face mask, or hitting the batting cages with the boys to unwind. While these things are great at providing people with much-needed relaxation, there are a number of simple (and free!) ways to prioritize your self-care. One of the biggest and best ways to do this? Get yourself of a schedule.

There’s a reason we put children on a strict schedule with a bedtime, three meals a day, and give them time to run and play each day. These habits help keep them physically and emotionally healthy. As adults, getting on a schedule can have the same effect. In the new year, a Baltimore therapist recommends getting on a solid sleep schedule, eating well and at specific times, and carving out time to exercise -- not necessarily for the sake of weight loss, but to keep moving and relieve stress.

Find a Rewarding Career Path

Career Counseling with a Baltimore Therapist Sets You Up for Success

Career Advice Baltimore

For adults, a huge aspect of mental health care revolves around the workplace. Not only do we get wrapped up in stress from work, but we often yearn to feel fulfilled in our careers while developing a work-life balance. 

This all can be extremely stressful, which means that a career change may be on the horizon for 2020. If you think it may be time to reassess your happiness in your career, consider talking to a Baltimore therapist about career counseling. Career counseling can help you identify where you feel unfulfilled, your strengths, and develop skills to help you reach your career goals. With career counseling, you can rest assured that you’re taking your first steps in caring for yourself professionally and mentally.

Learn How to Say No

Balancing Your ‘Me Time’ and Social Life in 2020

life balance counseling baltimore

We’ve all reached a point where we have felt like we overloaded our plate and agenda, not leaving enough time to relax and unwind. This can take a serious toll on your mental health, making it impossible to recharge and take care of yourself. Many times this stems from an inability to say ‘no,’ which is sometimes rooted in social anxiety.

This fear of disappointing those around you can make it difficult to prioritize yourself. Additionally, this can put a strain on your interpersonal relationships. That’s why a Baltimore therapist thinks it’s a good idea to try therapy for developing the skills necessary for coping with social anxiety and making yourself a priority in the new year.

Ready to prioritize your mental health in the new year? Get in touch with the team at Psych Associates of Maryland today to get started with your 2020 self-care journey.


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