5 Best Spots for Total-Body Wellness in Baltimore

Visit a Baltimore Therapist, Dentist, Fitness Canter, and More to Achieve Total Body Wellness

Wellness isn’t something you achieve through a healthy meal or workout at the gym, but rather a daily effort to do and feel your best. Wellness is more than what meets the eye - more than a slim figure and healthy diet - spanning to nearly every facet of your daily life. At Pysch Associates of Maryland - a leading Baltimore Therapist - we keep this idea in mind every single day, encouraging patients to dive deeper into total body wellness with each and every visit. That’s why we’re here to share the best spots in the Baltimore area to help you reach total body wellness. Check out these great wellness partners in Baltimore now!

The Leading Baltimore Therapist: Psych Associates of Maryland

Visit a Baltimore Therapist to Preserve Mental Health

Total body wellness isn’t all about what meets the eye. As a matter of fact, what it means to reach true wellness in your life often lies below the surface, focusing on feeling good on the inside before you can look good on the outside. Psych Associates of Maryland is the leading Baltimore therapist, psychiatrist, and mental health team dedicated to helping people all across the Baltimore area feel like themselves again.

Psych Associates of Maryland tackles mental health care with professionalism, industry-leading care tactics, and a warm, comforting approach that allows you to make the most out of your treatment. Specializing in stress management, depression, family counseling, career counseling, and care for a wide array of mental illnesses. Not only are our practitioners trusted in supplying quality care for our patients, but we offer cutting edge treatments like TMS and medication management to help tackle your mental health issues at the source. With the best Baltimore therapist, you can spark your full body wellness from the inside out.

Baltimore Yoga at Yogaworks

A Baltimore Therapist Recommends Yoga for Full-Body Wellness

The perfect way to channel total mind and body wellness is with yoga. As an exercise option that is continuously growing in popularity, yoga is a great way to relax, manage stress, and recenter while focusing on channeling strength and flexibility. Yogaworks is among the best yoga studios in the Baltimore area, offering group yoga classes, workshops, pilates, private yoga, and retreats. With 7 locations in the Baltimore area, Yogaworks is the perfect place to go for kicking off a wellness journey. Memberships are available for one of all studios, and for five extra dollars a month, members can access online yoga for when they’re in a pinch or stuck at home. Best of all, Yogaworks offer one free week of classes to new members, giving you the perfect chance to check it out for yourself.

Oral Healthcare from Shelton Family Dental

A Healthy Mouth Aids in Total Body Wellness

When discussing total body wellness, any discussion would be incomplete without discussing physical health. In addition to finding the right primary care physician and specialist for our needs, it’s important to mind the right dentist for our needs. Shelton Family Dental is a leading dentist in the Baltimore area that treats the whole family. Offering preventative, periodontal, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, Shelton Family Dental is your 1-stop-shop for all of a patient’s dental needs. In addition to friendly service and top-notch care, Shelton Family Dental offer care credit financing to help make quality dental care affordable for more people in the Baltimore area.

Merritt Clubs: The Leading Fitness Center in Baltimore

Your Baltimore Therapist Suggest Exercise to Help You Reach Peak Wellness

When people think of total body wellness, they often think of a fit physique and thin frame, but wellness goes beyond what meets the eye. Not only can exercise aid in physical wellness but staying active and moving at a fitness club can help your mental health and can provide a social outlet for people in the Baltimore area. Merritt Clubs is the leading fitness club in the Baltimore area that in and of itself is focused on achieving full-body wellness. In addition to cardio equipment, free weights, and a variety of classic gym facilities, Merritt Clubs focuses on the community aspect fo wellness with a variety of group classes and programs. Whether you’re interested in HIIT training, Zumba, Bootcamp, barre, aquatics, or weight loss programs, Merritt Clubs has the classes necessary for you to tackle physical wellness in your own way.\

Eat & Drink Healthy at Pure Raw Juice

Fuel Your Body with Fresh Ingredients & Nutrients

Everyone knows that eating healthy and fueling your body is a key component of total body wellness. If you’re looking for a new go-to juicery and smoothie bar, look no further than Pure Raw Juice. Creating healthy smoothies, bowls, and cold-pressed juices on-site, Pure Raw Juice is a wellness enthusiast’s dream by providing healthy, quick alternatives to unhealthy fast food. Best of all, Pure Raw Juice is environmentally friendly by serving in glass bottles than can be brought in for a refund or food credit, making you and the planet feel good from start to finish.

Skincare Wellness at Charm City Skin

Treat Yourself to Beautiful Skin in Baltimore

A Baltimore therapist knows that wellness involves feeling good about yourself as a whole, which is only part of why proper skincare is an aspect of total-body wellness. Charm City Skin focuses on wellness through its wide variety of cosmetic facials designed for different skin types. Designed for cleansing, exfoliation, SPF, and anti-aging, a great facial from Charm City Skin can help you look and feel good, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin that you can’t wait to show off.

Ready to tackle your Baltimore wellness journey? Get in touch with Psych Associates of Maryland to get started on your wellness journey with a Baltimore therapist today.


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