5 Benefits of Comprehensive Medication Management

A Baltimore Therapist Breaks Down the Benefits of Using Medication Management for Mental Health Treatments

Psychiatrists and other prescribers don’t prescribe mental health medication for fun; the recommendations made are designed to generate real improvement in a patient’s mental and physical state. However, depression and anxiety medications are far from one-size-fits-all, each coming with its own set of side effects and unique dosing that affects each patient differently. Medication management aims to mitigate issues caused by the patient’s lifestyle or unique reactions to treatment. At Psych Associates of Maryland — a leading Baltimore therapist — knows how important medication management can be to managing mental health, which is why we’re here to share with you the 5 greatest benefits of comprehensive medication management services

Medication Management Leads to Thorough Assessments

Assessing Impact of Medication, Appointments with a Baltimore Therapist, and More

Baltimore medication management

Much like treatments for other chronic diseases, treating mental health issues often includes more than a single pill every day. Medication Management includes and considers treatments that occur through medication, therapy sessions with a Baltimore therapist, and lifestyle changes that may affect treatment efficacy. These comprehensive assessments help narrow down which medications are truly appropriate for the patient, which new treatments may be effective, and where you may be in achieving the defined goals.

Without proper medication management, assessments about treatment efficacy are far and infrequent, making it difficult to understand how the patient reacts to the treatment. Rather than making medication management a once-and-done kind of assessment, it’s important to regularly assess whether or not the regimen is appropriate and optimized for the goals in mind for treatment

Medication Management Includes Regimen Support

Understanding Barriers to Medication Adherence and Efficacy

Medication Management Efficacy Baltimore

Proper medication management isn’t exclusively about the physiological effects of the medication. Instead, it includes a personal understanding of the potential social and economic barriers involved in medication adherence.

Not only do prescriber need to understand the potential effects of the medication on the body, but medication management opens the door for greater understanding beyond the body. Health literacy, financial issues, language barriers, and cultural considerations all may weigh into creating a medication plan that is effective and easy to stick to. For instance, some patients living paycheck to paycheck may not be able to afford a refill until their paychecks come in, meaning the prescription must cover the entire timespan. Otherwise, a patient may have a period of fasting for religious reasons that could keep them from taking medicine (because it is required that it be taken with a meal). Comprehensive medication management provides the support necessary to make the adjustments — in prescribing or lifestyle — to ensure that patients are being effectively treated.

Medication Management Increases Patient Engagement

A Baltimore Therapist Suggests that Engaged Patients are Adherent to Treatment

Doctor Medication Help

According to a Baltimore therapist, a major hurdle that needs to be overcome in mental health treatment is keeping the patient informed and engaged. Patients have an inherent desire to feel ‘in the loop’ regarding treatment. Medication management does this by putting patients in the driver’s seat by allowing them to take an active, informed role in managing their own health.

This increase in patient engagement is proven to make patients 2.57 times more likely to adhere to medication regimens. Not only can this help each individual patient, but studies show that increased rates of adherence are related to $300 billion in savings annually — which is 13% of total healthcare spending in the US. In other words, engaging patients through medication management could lead to big changes for the individual and for healthcare as a whole.

Medication Management Reduces Healthcare Costs

Maintaining Realistic Treatment Costs to Keep Patients Healthy

Medication Cost

According to researchers at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California San Diego, illness and death that result from non optimized medication therapy cost more than $528 billion annually — which is 16% of the total US health expenditure.

Not only is this amount jarring from a macroeconomic standpoint, but it’s important to note that individuals are also spending a great amount on healthcare. Taking the time to manage medication properly — while coming at an upfront appointment cost — can help reduces costs down the road by eliminating unnecessary medications, switching to more affordable alternatives, and ensuring that the patient’s health is maintained during treatment.

Medication Management Leads to Better Outcomes

At its core, medication management is designed to help patients heal

Happy Patients Baltimore

This reasoning is fairly simple Taking the time to help the patient overcome the barriers of medication regimen adherence, ensure that the medication is effective, and make adjustments to treatment when they are needed should exist at the core of every type of treatment. Without tweaking and monitoring, it can be easy to miss underlying issues from insufficient treatment, wasting time, energy, and resources over time. At Psych Associates of Maryland, patient outcomes are all that matter, which is why medication management is so important to our practice.

Think it’s time to seek medication management from a practice that puts you first? Get in touch with the team at Psych Associates of Maryland today to see how medication management can make a difference in your mental health treatment regimen.


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