4 Resources for Adults on the Job Hunt in Baltimore, MD

From Networking Events to Career Counseling, Baltimore has Plenty of Wonderful Resources for Job Hunters

For one reason or another, you’ve found yourself back on the job hunt. Whether you decided that it’s time to find a job you love or left unexpectedly, you have plenty of career options available. The difficult aspect of this all? It can be hard to know where to start when aiming to reach career satisfaction. At Psych Associates of Maryland, we know how daunting the job hunt can be, which is why we’ve put together a list of 4 under-utilized employment resources for adults looking for a satisfying career. From networking events to career counseling, Baltimore has the resources available for you to find the career you’ve been searching for since your last job.

Career Counseling

Why Career Counseling Baltimore is a Smart Move

Career Advice Baltimore

While probably the most under-utilized job hunting resource on the list, career counseling may bring the most benefits to the table. A huge problem many people looking for a rewarding career face is not knowing what they’re looking for; we often close our finds off to what we think will be a good career path, neglecting pathways that seem out of the question. This limiting mindset keeps us from exploring our true calling and reaching total career satisfaction. Career counseling, while doing many other things, helps break down these barriers by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, creating a self-branding strategy, and allowing you to see value in your experience and skill set.

We know that the job hunt can be discouraging. You find and interview for a position that feels like a great fit, only to be turned down. But just because you’re not a perfect fit there doesn’t mean you won’t be somewhere else! Career counseling provides support through the highs and lows of the job hunt, provides accountability, and judgment-free professional insight into what needs to be done during the job hunt. Best of all, career counseling Baltimore is closer and more attainable than you think, making it a great option for anyone looking for a truly rewarding career.

Staffing and Employment Agencies

An Effective Job Hunt Resource that People Need to Use

Women meeting

In the digital age, it seems like people are less and less using traditional job-hunting resources and instead are going at it alone using internet job search sites. Research from Pew Research Center shows that 54% of people have searched for a job online, which is more than double the amount ten years ago. However, applying for jobs on LinkedIn and other sites often involves simply sending over your resume - no cover letter, no personal statement, no letters of recommendation, and no personal touch. You are a picture on a computer screen, and nothing more.

It’s argued that making it so easy to apply for a job isn’t always a good thing. What you need is that personalized touch, and an expert helping you find the positions that you are best suited for. Staffing and employment agencies are the middlemen between you and a company looking for superb employees. The companies they represent are looking for someone with a talent for their position, and you’re looking for a company willing to invest in your employment in growth. As a win-win for both parties, staffing agencies can also help you find positions not listed anywhere else and set you as part of a smaller hiring pool, boosting your likelihood of finding a rewarding career.

Networking Events

Get Your Name Out Where it Matters

Networking events

A simple truth of the job market these days: it’s all about who you know. This idea is the premise from which social sites like LinkedIn were found: if you have a mutual connection who can vouch for your professional skills, you’re already halfway in the door. Whether you’re looking to network online or in person, it’s very important that you do so. After all, networking accounts for 85% of people getting their jobs, according to a 2016 study.

People attending networking events have the same objective: advancing business opportunities. Whether this means developing leads, forming B2B relationships, or finding a candidate for a position, these people are ready to talk to you about employment opportunities. It’s all about who you know and have in your network, so the further you can expand your personal web, the better. It’s super easy to find networking opportunities in Baltimore too, so get yourself out there!

Alumni Services

Use Your School’s Alumni Services for an Inside Connection

school alumni services

Finally, it’s a super valuable resource to reach out to your school’s alumni services for opportunities. The thing about reaching out to your alma mater is that most people have an exceptional amount fo school pride and are willing to vouch for the quality of your education and skills. Take it from schools like Penn State with a massive alumni network of 172,000 dues-paying people: if you’re looking for a great career anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll find someone who can vouch for your education and qualifications.

Not only do alumni networks connect you to other alumni who bleed your school colors long after graduation, but they can help connect you to training and mentorship programs offered to alumni through alumni services. These opportunities often let you gain valuable leadership experience with your foot already in the door.

Finding a rewarding career can be challenging, but utilizing your resources can be the key to finding a career you’ll love. Reach out to Psych Associates of Maryland today to see how career counseling Baltimore can help you reach your goals.


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