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Clinical Insights

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Alzheimer's Disease
Anxiety & Panic Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Premenstrual Dysophoric Disorder
Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorders
Tardive Dyskinesia
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Clinical Insights

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Clinical Insights conducts research in a variety of areas. By following links to the disorders listed here you will find some general information about the disorder and links to other sites related to the disorder.

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Clinical Insights

Who We Are

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Psych Associates of Maryland has been leading the company toward an innovative and exciting future. We are expanding our services to include specialty centers like the Autism Behavior or Applied Behavioral Analysis, Women's Mental Health Center, Disaster Psychiatry Center, Interventional Psychiatry Center, and Geriatric Psychiatry Center and exciting new interventions and treatments, such as Botox for depression, sensory pods, ketamine treatments, and more. We have also established a number of research collaborations and utilizing PAM's large patient population is contributing to the scientific understanding of psychiatric illness and the efficacy of new and exciting treatments. Inspiration is always smacking you in the face, here at PAM and there are endless opportunities!

Lawrence W. Adler, MD, CPI, is in private practice and clinical research in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In addition to being Director of Clinical Trials and a Principal Investigator at Clinical Insights in Glen Burnie, Dr. Adler is an attending physician at North Arundel Hospital in Glen Burnie, and has courtesy privileges at Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Towson, Maryland.

After earning his medical degree from the University of Maryland School Medicine in Baltimore, Dr. Adler conducted postdoctoral research in Biological chemistry, publishing papers on membrane biology and active transport energetics. Dr. Adler served as a resident psychiatrist at Sheppard Pratt Hospital for three years.

Dr. Adler is board-certified in General and Geriatric Psychiatry, is certified in Clinical Psychopharmacology, and is a Certified Physician Investigator. He currently is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Previously, he was on the psychiatry research faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Lawrence W. Adler
Principal Investigator
Lawrence Adler
Principal Investigator
Nazli Emadi
M.D. Ph.D.
Nithin Krishna
Columbia, Towson
Dr. Meghna Cacatte
Chief Development Officer and Brand Ambassador
Bindhu Anand
Sub-l Investigator
Ashwin Waghray
Research Pharmacist
Sudhakar Kalakonda
Research Micro-Biologist
Norhan Ibrahim
Operations Director
Dr.Carlos Cortes
Ketamine/Spravato Coordinator
Julie Brownley, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of The Women's Mental Health Center at PAM
clinical insights

Our Guiding Principles & Resources

  1. To reduce the suffering, disability and stigmatization of persons suffering mental illness by providing access to affordable care reflecting medical 'best-practices'
  2. Conduct clinical effectiveness research in treatment of mental illness to ascertain 'best-practices'
To build a business entity achieving 'sustainable growth' which
  1. Conducts clinical trials of intervention effectiveness in 'real word' patients afflicted with mental illness
  2. Facilitates ascertainment of 'best practice' and 'cost-effectiveness' benchmarks
  3. Assures integrity in trial conduct and protection of vulnerable human subject volunteers
  4. Assures that participants have continued access to optimal care following their participation, independent of their financial/insurance status
  5. Interacts with the government, research entities and advocacy groups to educate providers, patients and families with the research conclusions
  1. Customer (patient and family)- focus
  2. Empathy
  3. Scientific and personal integrity
  4. Ownership of both deviations and accomplishments
  5. Commitment to continuing education of self and staff
  6. Emphasis on research excellence and quality care as primary considerations
Clinical Insights
Using Psych Associates of Maryland Digital and social Media out-reach we are mobilizing resources about active studies but also advertise for the trials, since our social media and digit for print gets more than 8,000 unique visits on a monthly basis and keeps ever growing.
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Development of Drug/treatment Psych Associates of Maryland-Bloominmind-Clinical Insights Inc.

The mission of this brief is to use innovative approaches to conducting clinical trials.  Our platform Psych Associates of Maryland-Bloominmind HealthTech-Clinical Insights Inc provides an opportunity to partner with companies looking for advancing their therapeutic technologies or platforms with an enormous potential for value creation in the drug development field.

Clinical Insights

Psych Associates of Maryland-Bloominmind-Clinical Insights Inc

Transforming Human and Clinical Human Clinical-Trial with seamless patient recruitment and retention.  The swelling demand for clinical-trial recruitment and retention services spurs opportunities for the Psych Associates of Maryland-Bloominmind-Clinical Insights Inc for its CNS line of drug/therapeutics discovery and development platform. This platform will advance new therapies from the discovery phase into early drug development, including evaluation of therapies in human and/or clinical proof of concept.

Our leadership team has expertise in identifying and properly validating drug targets, defining the utility of employing probes in the early discovery phase, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization, and preclinical proof of concept strategies, as well as address drug delivery needs through preclinical proof of concept. The steady growth in drug development is expanding the clinical-trials market, which is estimated to be worth $65.0 billion by 2025.

• Running complicated clinical trials is typically not a core competency of many drug developers, creating an opportunity for this platform, particularly in the areas treatment resistant depression, teenage depression and other markets gaps.

• The Psych Associates of Maryland-Bloominmind-Clinical Insights Inc aims to increase patient retention by creating medication adherence and tracking technology; biometric monitoring devices, AI powered direct observational therapy, and personalized platforms.

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Conducting a clinical trial is a grueling, yet critical, step in the drug-development process.

1.      One of the biggest struggles researchers face when conducting trials is recruiting and retaining patients. Up to 86% of clinical trials fail to reach recruitment goals within their targeted time frame.

2.      Clinical trial dropout rates are around 30%.

3.      Delays in product launch, due to the inability of sponsors to recruit or retain patients, are highly common and increase cost, deplete resources, and prolong time to market.These challenges have led drug developers to outsource their patient recruitment-related needs, creating an opportunity for operations with robust/large patient, long track record of conducting over 300 industry sponsored clinical trials by world class physicians researchers here at Clinical Insights Inc makes us leaders in this niche area of complete drug discovery to commercialization life cycle. We deploy a variety of patient outreach methods, including social media, mobile technologies, and electronic health records (HER) mining; we have records of over 100,000 patients, we also control, manage and customize our own cloud based HER (Bloominmind HealthTech Inc). 

Clinical Insights
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A focus on real-world evidence and broad datasets is pushing us to identify the best target populations to expedite the recruitment process.

Although some big pharma players carry out patient recruitment in-house, the growing complexity of clinical trials and the demand for niche patient populations for studies evaluating tailored and personalized medicines is putting us in the forefront of clinical-trial recruitment and retention for disruptive discoveries.

Clinical Insights
We believe the opportunity for this platform in the areas of one stop solution for advancing new therapies from the discovery phase into early drug development, including evaluation of therapies in human and/or clinical proof of concept via robust recruitment and retention.

Typically, patients are found through advertisements and referrals. In recent years, there has been a surge in online recruitment channels, with the most prominent channels including social media and paid-search advertising. While these new methods increase reach and diversity, patient recruiting remains complicated due to the following factors:

• An overwhelming number of clinical trial options that decreases patients' ability to determine best-fit trials

• Participant time burden and lack of participation incentives

• Lack of provider referrals and inability to find patients with less-common conditions

• Patient and physician notion that trials are a last resort and should only be pursued after all other treatment options have failed

We have deployed artificial intelligence to analyze structured and unstructured clinical data from our In house data-base and owned EMR to data points that can be used to match clinical trial criteria, making it easier for our platform to identify and contact potential participants. Bloominmind HealthTech has developed an online platform aiming to increase trial access to patients who are unlikely to be referred to trials through their healthcare provider.

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Once potential participants are identified, several processes must take place before participation can occur. Clinical studies have inclusion criteria that must be met to qualify for participation. Candidates must first undergo a phone screen and then visit the research site for initial tests, which may involve laboratory and imaging diagnostics. In addition, most research sites will collect and analyze medical records. This can also be a complex process as health information is often spread across various EHRs, physicians’ notes, pathology reports, and additional forms of documentation.

Bloominmind HealthTech Inc will also focus on facilitating trial enrollment by determining eligibility and enabling communication with candidates throughout the enrollment process. For example, we will offer an online and mobile application that enables patients to search for and apply for trials, while also giving researchers the ability to manage enrollment status, schedule screening appointments, and send appointment and eligibility notifications.

Clinical Insights

In Summary

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In summary patient retention remains a significant headwind with 89% of clinical trials lacking complete outcome data and 40% of patients becoming nonadherent, meaning they continue in the trial but fail to fully follow protocol. This lack of engagement leads to high dropout and nonadherence rates, along with inaccurate data collection. To compensate, trials that require many patients generally must be over-recruited to maintain statistical significance, which extends the length of the study and drives up costs.

In 2018, the global patient engagement solutions market was worth $8.9 billion and could reach $30.4 billion by 2026, with a 16% CAGR .

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